Web Afternoon

The Event for People Who Love the Web

Dec. 5, 2014 / 1pm-6pm • Wells Fargo Auditorium • Charlotte, NC

Not your ordinary Web conference.

It’s a lean and fast-paced half-day event designed with value in mind.

No Frills.

Other events spend lots of money on stuff you don’t care about: flowers, dramatic lighting, and finger sandwiches. They pass that cost on to you.

Not at Web Afternoon. We minimize the fluff and focus on delivering high-quality content from people in the know — at a price you can afford.

Top-notch Speakers

Short talks without the ego. Great Q&A. Networking with people you really want to meet. Your tribe: people like you; people who get it.

It’s rare for so many great people to be in one spot at the same time. New friendships form. Conversations happen. Ideas are born.

Love. Not Profit.

We believe in giving back to the community. That’s why every penny from our events goes straight back to help local groups groups and meet-ups.

Our previous events have generated more than $5,000 for Web and technology focused groups. And we’re just getting started.

You’re not buying a ticket to pad someone’s wallet. You’re supporting the community you love.

Schedule & Speakers



FastPass to Badass. Techniques for designing greatness under tight deadlines.

Ron Edelen | Co-founder, Myjive
Ever tell yourself, "If only I knew then what I know now?" In this talk I will divulge techniques gained over the last ten years designing award-winning interactive experiences within seemingly unreasonable timelines. I will share an approach for making awesomeness by summarizing the most-used tips, tricks and shortcuts to designing great work in half the time. And yes, if you know your stuff, spending less time on design yields better work.


Harnessing Social Media for Rapid Usability Testing

Sarah Kahn | User Experience Designer, Deutsche Bank
There are many ways of performing usability tests - all of which will get you feedback, allow you to make alterations and gradually iterate until you have a solution. But these methods often take time. Let's look at an alternative process which will speed things up tenfold: leveraging social media. This talk will cover: Fitting user testing into a lean workflow Recruiting customers to help and keeping them engaged How to set up a test...


Invisible Visualization: Accessible Information Graphics on the Web

Doug Schepers | Developer Relations Lead, W3C
Data visualizations have become increasingly common on the Web, usually as a way to simplify or draw attention to information in a world where we are bombarded with data. Sometimes, accessibility can suffer, but it doesn’t have to… not when you have SVG and emerging APIs to enhance accessibility. This presentation will focus on the pragmatic aspects of usability and accessibility, with simple tips you can follow that work in browsers today to make their...


Panel: Cultivating UX

ACBJ | User Experience Team, American City Business Journals
In January, the UX team from American City Business Journals pulled the curtain back on what it’s been like to build and maintain a UX department within an existing enterprise. It’s time to check in and see what they managed to accomplish this year, how they adapted to organizational change, and what adjustments they’re making for success in 2015. The Topics: UX Team Management Will Hortman, Director, User Experience Designing for the Conversation Joshua Mauldin,...



Panel: Front-End for Enterprise

Ally | Web Presentation Architecture Team, Ally Financial


A Date is a Date: Managing Internal and External Expectations

Tera Simon | Head of Project Management, Atlantic BT
For nearly every client, when asked if they have a launch date in mind the answer is always ASAP. What clients do not understand is the cause and effect of ASAP. During this session we will have an open discussion surrounding the following topics: How to set client expectations around deadlines The cause and effect of missed dates The benefits of planning and working in a cushion How to become focused on quality not on...


Refactoring CSS - Programming Principles for Designers

John W. Long | User Experience Designer, User Voice
Over the years as designers have transitioned from print to the web we've had a reluctant relationship with code. Pixel perfection is a demanding standard. It's required us to get close to the metal and learn HTML and CSS. Some of us have transitioned well and have actually grown to love our curly-braces and semicolons, but it wasn't what we trained for. For programmers on the other hand, writing code and doing it well is...


Embrace Conflict. Improve Collaboration.

Bermon Painter | Practice Manager, Experience Design, Cardinal Solutions
One of the largest problems that we face on teams and within organizations is the allusion that communication has taken place. In most cases, when we are faced with the necessity to confront emotionally or politically risky issues we tread lightly in order to avoid hurting feelings. Conflict plays an important and necessary role in the the design process. Healthy conflict increases trust, creates effective dialog and improves collaboration. During this session we will discuss...

7:00pm - 9:30pm

Community Holiday Party

The Garage at Packard Place

For the past few years all of our Charlotte meetup and tech groups have gotten together to celebrate our fantastic tech community. Food and drink will be provided. Join us as each group will share what they have in store for 2015.

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