Web Afternoon

The Event for People Who Love the Web

Dec. 5, 2014 • Wells Fargo Auditorium • Charlotte, NC

Doug Schepers

Developer Relations Lead, W3C

Doug is a Web application developer with a passion for open Web standards, especially SVG. Over the past decade, he's worked in various startups, and helped found and run a small consulting company specializing in SVG Web apps. His mission at W3C is making it easier for people to make stunning Web content. He joined the W3C Team in June 2007 where he edits specs, creates and administers tests, chairs and participate in teleconferences, reads lots of technical and semi-technical stuff (specs, email, blogs, IRC logs), and try to find time to still code.

Starts at 2:00pm

Invisible Visualization: Accessible Information Graphics on the Web

Data visualizations have become increasingly common on the Web, usually as a way to simplify or draw attention to information in a world where we are bombarded with data. Sometimes, accessibility can suffer, but it doesn’t have to… not when you have SVG and emerging APIs to enhance accessibility.

This presentation will focus on the pragmatic aspects of usability and accessibility, with simple tips you can follow that work in browsers today to make their content available to everyone. Going beyond visual impairment, this talk will cover various areas of accessibility, and delve into the science behind data visualization to show why and how it improves the user experience.

Background information will be mixed with examples, demos, and instructions, as well as pointers to applications and script libraries to make authoring amazing content easy.

Attendees will become familiar with various accessibility considerations, and learn how to use SVG and Canvas to make their data visualizations accessible. They will also learn the basics of the Web Audio API and Web Speech API, and hear about emerging accessibility features of SVG2.